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I train and empower high-achieving executives and individuals to manage their minds with whatever life throws at them.


 I provide an individualistic approach to uncover the obstacles in a way that aligns with your spiritual values and goals, to break habits using hypnosis and psychology-based techniques.

I'm currently offering a 6 month 1:1 coaching program, contact me for availability.

I offer a free 1 hour session to help you understand how coaching can help you, I encourage you to bring any issues or questions you have.


Melody Precious

"I was looking for a life changing experience! As soon as I found Lama I was amazed by her ability to listen to my issues. She is mind blowing and I love using her as my coach. Each session I learn something new and every time I’m able to instantly apply my new knowledge to help overcome my issues."

Beelal Fakhouri

"Working with Lama has helped me realize that I have more control over my actions and impulsive thoughts than I had imagined. Lama really helped me empower myself and reframe all the triggers in my life using hypnosis. She has a knack for asking great questions to help you face the answers and solutions that were only obvious in retrospect, I highly recommend a session with her."

Emily T.

"This is fast paced compared to therapy, we dove into the deep stuff and she was so effective at uncovering my unconscious beliefs, even after 2 sessions I started to look at things differently! The biggest impact was that it gave me the tools to get through my current circumstances and it felt so much more truthful, it gave me a perspective that made me feel more in control"

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