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Working with Lama has made a huge difference in how I show up in my personal and professional life. She helped me identify and address the traumas that led me to default to certain negative behaviors so that I'm not passing that trauma and those behaviors on to my son. Lama's coaching around thought work has allowed me to shift from a victim mentality to taking ownership and control of my thoughts, feelings, and reactions. This has resulted in better relationships with my family and friends and has helped me build my confidence at home and at work. I am truly grateful for the much needed clarity Lama has helped bring to my life.

Mari Riveria

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I was diagnosed with depression a year ago, I tried therapy and I couldn't find one that worked for me and I didn't know what else to do. I felt so frustrated I gave up. Then I met Lama and she was able to understand exactly what I'm going through, she helps me break it down to the exact thought that's causing me my problems. She makes me realize why I act the way I do and how my thinking has been draining myself, she has helped me understand so many of my frustrations and It has really helped with my depression! THANK YOUUUU

Rania O.

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I was looking for a life changing experience! As soon as I found Lama I was amazed by her ability to listen to my issues. She is mind blowing and I love using her as my coach. Each session I learn something new and every time I’m able to instantly apply my new knowledge to help overcome my issues.

Melody Precious

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This is fast paced compared to therapy, we dove into the deep stuff and it was so effective at uncovering my unconscious beliefs, even after 2 sessions I started to look at things differently, I loved it so much! The biggest impact was that it gave me the tools to get through my current perspective and it felt so much more truthful, it gave me a perspective that served me.

Emily T.

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I never thought this coaching thing would work but thank you sooo much. I feel like a brand new person!! JUST AFTER ONE session it changed my perspective on something I was struggling with in my relationship and I feel soo grateful.

Casey Ortiz

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I've been to therapy for over 2 years and it was Ok but I didn't really feel any progress in my issues. I tried working with Lama but I didn't know what to expect. it's only been 5 months and the progress I've made has been MIND blowing, I started seeing my marriage differently and I feel so much more secure in myself. She challenged me in so many ways and this is the first time I've truly felt at ease. I actually ENJOY doing things I saw as stressful, I argue less with my husband and I stopped trying to control him to feel better. For once in my life I feel excited about my future, who am I????

Hana A.

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